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Specializing in ESL and Bilingual Staff Development

"Language shapes the way we think, and determines what we can think about." -Benjamin Lee Whorf

Upcoming Events

No upcoming events at this time

CLEN Staff Development

· An Introduction to ESL

1-day workshop includes language acquisition, oral language levels and strategies for ELLs

· Sheltered Instruction Overview

1-day workshop that introduces all of the SIOP ® components, includes language acquisition and sheltered instruction strategies

· ESL TExES Review

1-day review of the competencies and information needed to be successful on the TExES ESL Supplemental #154

· ESL Institute

4-day workshop aligned with the ESL TExES and focuses on language acquisition, linguistics, programs, law and test preparation.

· Fifty Strategies for Teaching English Language Learners

1-day workshop that includes multiple intelligences and interactive/effective strategies for working with ELLs

· Sheltered Instruction

3-day workshop that incorporates all of the components of the SIOP ® Model

· ESL Tutorial

1-day private tutorial with Adelita Campos Acosta

**All multi-day staff development may be scheduled on consecutive or non consecutive days. Saturdays available.

Please contact us for questions or additional information.